D.A.R.E. America Youth Advocacy Board Member from Oregon

Instagram: @OR.DARE.YAB

​Hello! My name is Alexis Williams, and I am Oregon’s Youth Advocacy Board member. I attend West Salem High School. At West, I enjoy participating in activities like cheer team, NHS, and Avid. I attend Salem Evangelical Church for fellowship. At SEC I am a summer junior counselor for elementary students. I volunteer at church functions, and school/park clean-ups.

Some of my favorite things to do outside of school are; Listen to music, read, participate in crafts, babysit, and get together with my friends and family.

As a YAB member, I am working to get more funding for the D.A.R.E program and to grow our social media connection. Having a bigger social media connection will make the public see that D.A.R.E has changed and kept up with the times. D.A.R.E is important to me because so many people let their lives be altered by participate in underage drinking and underage/illegal drug use. Without D.A.R.E., I feel like the children in our community would not have the foundation set to help them get out of tough situations where drugs/alcohol are present.

Copyright © 2022 D.A.R.E. America. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2022 D.A.R.E. America.
All Rights Reserved.