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“Drug Use is Life Abuse” is a message on red wristbands that is spreading throughout the community in celebration of the Red Ribbon campaign Oct. 21-31. The week-long event is one of the nation’s largest substance abuse prevention awareness causes.

Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Carson City School District, Grocery Outlet, community agencies including the Boys and Girls Club, counseling and A.A. groups are partners to make youth and citizens aware that substance abuse affects everyone.

Participating in the Red Ribbon Campaign is an important part of the prevention services conducted by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Ken Furlong said, “our children must always come first, and the Red Ribbon Campaign is designed as an integral component of our educational drive.”

Carson City has shown its unique ability to come together for the greater good of our community and Red Ribbon is another opportunity to stand united against substance abuse. D.A.R.E. Officer Lisa Davis said, “This year the schools and the community continue to express a very large interest in the Red Ribbon Campaign. It is very exciting and humbling to see the community get this enthusiastic and involved. Carson City is such a great place to serve.”

Student leadership groups at Mark Twain, Empire and Fremont Elementary schools are conducting daily lunch activities and banner signings. Carson Middle School is working with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Stellar Squad (youth leadership) to deliver the message. Additionally, Undersheriff Steve Albertsen requested that the Stellar Squad hand out the wristbands at the Nevada Day Parade to remind everyone to be safe and responsible during the holiday week end.

Adults are getting in on the action, too. Members of counseling and A.A. groups request wristbands to share. At one point, a man at Grocery Outlet held out his wristband and with tears in his eyes said, “Do you have any idea how much this means? Do you really know?”

According to the National Family Partnership an estimated 80 million Americans participate with Red Ribbon annually. Carson City Sheriff’s Office would especially like to remember that the Red Ribbon campaign has its roots in law enforcement with it being a national symbol established by Congress in 1988 commemorating the work of fallen D.E.A. Officer Enrique “Kiki” Camarena who lost his life in the line of duty. The message from this officer and his family has transcended into one of hope and unity as communities across the United States – a message we want to spread throughout Carson City. “Drug Abuse is Life Abuse” and we invite everyone to become part of the solution.

The Stellar Squad will be distributing the wristbands at the Nevada Day Parade. For more information or to request a Drug Abuse is Life Abuse wristband call Lisa Davis at 775-283-7809.

From Carson Now