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In response to the nation’s Opioid crisis, D.A.R.E. is developing a comprehensive Opioid Prevention Curricula for elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as their communities that will address abuse of Opioids and Over the Counter and Prescription Drugs. As part of our efforts to serve children, families and communities, we additionally offer the following free online Opioid Lesson for students, parents, and members of communities.


Offline use of the lesson.

(For situations where your classroom has no internet access)

Note: This was tested on Windows and Mac computers. Here are our current test results:

Works on

macOS High Sierra 10.13.3: Firefox (v59.0.1), Safari (v11.0.3), and Chrome (variable results, works on some computers)
Windows 10: Firefox (v59.0), Edge (v41.1), and Internet Explorer 11
Windows 7: Internet Explorer 11

Does not work on

Windows 10: Chrome (v65.0.3325.162 64-bit)
Windows 7: Chrome (v65.0.3325.181 32-bit)

We again are working with the developer to add more compatibility and will be updating the site page with this information.

Offline viewing of a system designed for online access is not perfect.  If you experience issues following the steps below, please email and let us know what issue you had, including what OS, browser, and what the error was so we can make offline use as stable as possible.

  1. Click to download the compressed folder that has the software to your computer or USB drive.
  2. Double click on the compressed file to open as a folder (on some computers this happens automatically).
  3. Open a web browser to any page (such as
  4. Open the folder and locate the file “story_html5.html”
  5. Drag with your mouse “story_html5.html” on top of the web browser window and release.
  6. The file will load and you can use.

Here is a video tutorial of the above process:

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