D.A.R.E. Remote is a web-based version of the Elementary and Middle School keepin’ it REAL student workbook. 

Using the web-based D.A.R.E. Remote allows officers to log in to a dashboard, assign workbooks to students, and to view their participation, including all responses, in one place. It is a simple way to provide students with access to the D.A.R.E. Workbook materials electronically, with no need to distribute, handle, or manage physical workbooks. This may be especially useful in managing COVID precautions.

  • Visit www.dareremote.org
  • View an officer demo using “officer” as the username and “officer” as the password for login
  • Check out the “Help” tab to access videos that will walk you through common questions
  • Schedule a 20 minute webinar to help you get started by contacting [email protected]

NOTE: D.A.R.E. Remote was previously known as D.A.R.E. Mobile, so if you see references to that name, please be assured that you are accessing the right materials.