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It has come to the attention of RMHIDTA that a number of our officers were unaware of “Pixy Stix” as a marijuana edible. This bulletin will provide officers with some basic information on the topic. For more information see below for sources.


This powdered, edible sugar substance has a high THC content, can be discreetly consumed and the packaging can appeal to a younger audience. Marijuana infused Pixy Stix™ are similar to the original candy product in size, packaging, and appearance. In Colorado, they were originally called Wizzie Stix, made by We Be Infused and are now called Stixx, made by At Home Baked. Each stick contains 50mg THC and 25mg CBD, although an individual dose is listed at 10mg. They come in two different formulas: A.M. for Morning/Day use and P.M. for “relaxation and sleep aid.” Consumption can be very discreet in that they easily fit into a pocket or purse. They are available throughout Colorado in various dispensaries and prices range from around $6 to $22 per stick. Also, a similar product is now available in some Washington dispensaries called Legit Sticks.


Use rate among youth in Colorado is a major concern and this product may be very appealing to them. Also, Stixx were a part of an edibles recall from At Home Baked in July of 2014 because an ingredient in the edibles, bubble hash- a concentrated form of THC- was prepared using a dirty washing machine. Further, forty minutes after consuming half a tube, a new user to marijuana selfreported he “could barely speak, felt sick to his stomach, couldn’t see, had a raging headache, felt extreme nausea” and essentially “knocked out of reality.”