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Would your grandparents be OK with what you’re about to post online?

That’s a question representatives from Google asked middle schoolers during an online security event in Minot today.

The Google presentation is designed to get young internet-users to think twice about the photos and comments they’re sharing on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and other popular services.

The “Online Safety Road Show” covers everything from choosing a safe password to keeping the fun in online life.

But the number one message was to think before you share.

(Stephanie Gunter, Google Spokesperson) “People can learn a lot about you by the pictures you post, the text messages you send friends, the pictures you posted of you and your friends at the last dance. And this can really affect things like college applications, your summer job, and even your position on the soccer team.”

(Jamie Hill, Google Spokesperson) “This material in our Online Safety Road Show has been available online at our safety center for years, but what we realized is that we needed to make something available to students this age – 6th through 8th grade – to really help them understand how to be smart and safe online in an engaging format that’s both fun but also very informational.”

Senator John Hoeven was a special guest at today’s event.

You can learn about online security by going to

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