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Ed Davis (principal), Ms. Lamprey – Celine Steyer, Ms. Murray – Kennedy Cook, Ms. Washington- Amiyah Christopher, Ms. Edwards – Sean Johnson, Ms. Brannan- Blaine Bushman (also overall winner), Ms. Chandler- Ariana Jones, Deputy Russ Rabon, – *Ms. Stevens – David Gotz (not pictured)

Pictured above are the D.A.R.E. Essay Winners and the name of each teacher that they represent. Blaine Bushman is the reigning 2018 Harbison West Essay winner and read his essay at the D.A.R.E. graduation. All of the students at Harbison West are proud to be called D.A.R.E. graduates. Sr. Deputy Russ Rabon says he is honored to be their D.A.R.E. Officer and he hopes that each one of his students know if they ever need him, he will be there for them.


Having one guest speaker is great but having two dynamic speakers….far left Dr. Rick Sanford (USC, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks defensive back) next to him Lt. Curtis Wilson (PIO for RCSD, Radio host for the Big DM and A&E’s “Live PD” personality).