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The 4th major report on the legalization impact of marijuana on Colorado.



“Alcohol has been the number one substance involved in teen suicide, to have marijuana replace alcohol as the leading substance, is very alarming.

“How many more “firsts” do we need to see before we see the hand writing on the wall. In some areas of the states that have changed their marijuana laws according to documentation marijuana is more involved in road side checks, crashes, fatalities, than alcohol. Monitoring the future has reported for the last several years more seniors are smoking pot than tobacco.”

– Editor, Parents Opposed to Pot

America’s Invisible Pot Addicts

More and more Americans are reporting near-constant cannabis use, as legalization forges ahead. The proliferation of retail boutiques in California did not really bother him, Evan told me, but the billboards did. Advertisements for delivery, advertisements promoting...

D.A.R.E. Program Graduates More Than 170 Craig Students

CRAIG — When they graduated the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program Thursday morning, fifth-grade students from all six area elementary schools followed a tradition started in 1983 by Los Angles schools and police, but like the students, the D.A.R.E. program has...

D.A.R.E. Graduation Ceremony

Nearly 800 fifth-grade students from Pueblo County District 70 schools were honored today by Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor for completing the Drug Abuse Resistance Education or D.A.R.E program. The Sheriff’s Office and District 70 hosted the D.A.R.E. graduation...

Lessons Learned from the Opioid Epidemic: New Challenges and New Opportunities

The current storyline describing the national opioid epidemic is wrought with sensationalized, media-driven hyperbole and a scarcity of facts. We have described in great detail the increasing number of physicians prescribing pain medications, the lack of limitations related to this practice, and the lack of continuing education regarding risk versus benefit of prescribing opioid medications.

182 Students Graduate from D.A.R.E. in Craig

The annual D.A.R.E. celebration honored 182 fifth-grade students for successful completion of the program. This year, the program included Calvary Baptist students, making it one of the biggest graduations yet.

D.A.R.E. Essay Winner

A Liberty Point Elementary School student was the second place finisher in this year’s District 70 D.A.R.E. essay contest, making her teachers and school very proud of her accomplishments. Daniela Vasquez was recognized at a school assembly for having the second best essay in the competition among nearly 650 fifth graders in Pueblo School District 70.


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