LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Josh Guzman’s teachers say every time they see him, he’s a ray of sunshine.

Those same teachers wanted to give that same positive energy back by throwing the teen a special birthday parade.

A line of police cruisers rolled through the Winburn neighborhood on Monday for Josh’s 13th birthday.

“He’s just a light to everybody’s day,” Officer Brandon Muravchick” If you see him no matter what it is he’s just a ray of sunshine.”

Police, faculty and staff from Lexington’s Winburn Middle School organized the parade. The reason was to lift the birthday boy’s spirits because he can’t be around people like he’s used to.

But it looks like everybody’s spirits were lifted.

“Yeah, during the times of COVID, this is something that has been kind of special,” Officer Muravchick said. “That you know we’ve been able to take a break and we’re not on calls are not doing those things and other things that were assigned to do we’ve been able to to be lucky enough to be in the community and be a part of this.

Monday is Josh’s day, but it also gives police officers a break from the negativity the profession has been getting over the last few weeks.

Officer Muravchick, a neighborhood resource officer, has had Josh in his D.A.R.E. program for the past four years.

“It’s important for the police department to be involved in the community and everybody wants change, but it starts with communication,” Muravchick said.

Sometimes singing well wishes is all the communication a guy needs and getting your favorite drink, Doctor Pepper, as a present can’t hurt either.

Brandon will be going off to high school next year and some of the staff at Winburn Middle say they will stay in contact.

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