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Local Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees from Quincy recently presented a check for $3,500 to the Quincy Police Department to support their D.A.R.E program. (From left to right) Back Row: Quincy Police Officer Stephen Cleary, Quincy Police Captain John Dougan, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Joe Murray, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Joseph Fernandes, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Paul Cleary, Quincy Police D.A.R.E. Officer Don Sautter, Quincy Police Lt. Jack Sullivan. (From left to right) Front Row: Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Victor Carvalho, Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Billy Donovan, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Eric Eskander, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Octavio Carvalho, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Peter Doyle, Quincy Police D.A.R.E. Officer John Grazioso. Photo courtesy of RF Binder.

Local Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees in Quincy recently presented a check to the Quincy Police Department for $3,500 to support their D.A.R.E program.

D.A.R.E., Drug Abuse Resistance Education, is a substance abuse prevention program that seeks to eliminate drug use, violent behavior, and gang membership both domestically and internationally. This donation will be used to aid Officers John Grazioso and Don Sautter as they conduct a series of classroom lessons that provide community youth with up-to-date evidence and research-based strategies for drug abuse prevention.

From Weymouth Patch