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D.A.R.E. Youth Advocacy Board Alumnus from Brazil

My name is Samuel Miranda Ferreira, I am 15 years old, and I was born and raised here in Varginha, Brazil, the city where I live.

Since I was a child I like to share my ideas, feelings and thoughts. So I started writing a lot and speaking a lot too, until 2015, when I made my Class’ graduation speech. I loved it, so I started talking even more! Then I had my first opportunity to represent my city at a conference. Before that, I represented my state. And now, I am representing my country! Besides that, I like to play the drums, to play soccer and to hang out with my friends and family.

In Brazil we like to go to waterfalls, beaches, lakes, mountains and enjoy the nature around us.

I took the D.A.R.E program twice, and it really surprised me, because of its efficiency on showing the students the risks and dangers of the drugs. And over the years I practiced all the things I learned. Not using drugs is the best decision I have ever made, now I want to fight so other teenagers can make that choice too.

Copyright © 2020 D.A.R.E. America. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2020 D.A.R.E. America.
All Rights Reserved.