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Maybe the D.A.R.E program is working? Drug use across the United States among teens was lower in 2016 than 2015. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Idaho still has a good sized drug problem.

MSM reports that in 2015, 8.57 percent of kids 12-17 years old Idaho had used illicit drugs – including marijuana, meth, cocaine, and ecstasy. Recent data from Graphiq shows that drug use is lower. A study from Monitoring The Future also found that those numbers are lower in 2016 across America.

HealthGrove | Graphiq


HealthGrove | Graphiq

HealthGrove | Graphiq

HealthGrove | Graphiq

One thing visible from the graphs is that while most drug use among teens has dropped the use of marijuana has risen.

From 1310 KLIX.

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