Advisory Boards

National Experts & Specialists Guide
D.A.R.E.’s Program Development

The many dedicated specialists comprising four D.A.R.E. Advisory Boards provide the expert guidance needed to ensure program and curricula relevance in an ever-changing world. D.A.R.E.’s winning formula of specially trained law enforcement officers delivering an evidence-based curriculum, supported by members of Advisory Boards, has made D.A.R.E. the most successful national and international demand reduction program.

Executive Law Enforcement Advisory Board

The D.A.R.E. Executive Law Enforcement Advisory Board is comprised of recognized leaders of associations representing major constituencies in the law enforcement profession. Associations represented include: the National Association of Attorneys General, National Sheriffs’ Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), IACP Division of State Association of Chiefs of Police, and IACP International Policing Division. Members of the D.A.R.E. Executive Law Enforcement Advisory Board provide D.A.R.E. America with insight and advice regarding D.A.R.E.’s provision of services to the law enforcement community.

Education Advisory Board

The D.A.R.E. America Education Advisory Board is comprised of leading professionals from major national education organizations. These esteemed voluntary members guide D.A.R.E. America in fulfilling its commitment to providing excellent K-12 prevention education taught by D.A.R.E. officers in the nation’s schools. Significant functions include: input and expertise for curricular improvements; guidance on trends in education; partnerships for enhancing school safety; and the sharing of advice vital to the constant enhancement of D.A.R.E.’s role in United States education.

Scientific Advisory Board

The D.A.R.E. America Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of internationally recognized experts from the fields of research, prevention education, medicine, addiction. The D.A.R.E. America Scientific Advisory Board is actively involved in processes of D.A.R.E. curriculum development, creation of D.A.R.E. officer training models, and evaluation of D.A.R.E. curricular components.

Youth Advocacy Board

The Youth Advocacy Board (YAB), initiated by D.A.R.E. America in 2000 is composed of 50 members–one student per State in the United States. Students are selected through a state-wide search.

The YAB gives D.A.R.E. graduates an opportunity to speak to issues impacting the national and worldwide D.A.R.E. program and to advise D.A.R.E. America and local D.A.R.E. programs, government and community leaders on drug and violence prevention strategies beneficial to our youth.

Members of the YAB are eligible for the D.A.R.E. America Scholarship upon their graduation from high school.