Mission Statement

To serve as D.A.R.E.’s student advocates and ambassadors, thereby providing insight, voice, and advocacy for D.A.R.E. education programs.



About Youth Advocacy Board

The Youth Advocacy Board (YAB), initiated by D.A.R.E. America in 2000 is composed of 50 members, one student per State in the United States. Students are selected through a state-wide search.  International students are also eligible to serve.

The YAB gives D.A.R.E. graduates an opportunity to speak to issues impacting the national and worldwide D.A.R.E. program and to advise D.A.R.E. America and local D.A.R.E. programs, government and community leaders on drug and violence prevention strategies beneficial to our youth.

Members of the YAB are eligible for the D.A.R.E. America Scholarship upon their graduation from high school.


Youth Advocacy Board Members

Youth Advocacy Board (YAB) Selection Guidelines & Responsibilities


Youth Advocacy Board (YAB) Application and Selection Process


Join the D.A.R.E. Youth Advocacy Board


“To serve as D.A.R.E.’s student advisor and ambassador providing insight, voice, and advocacy for D.A.R.E. education programs.”

Why Serve


  1. Provide skill development
  2. Opportunity to provide input/advise D.A.R.E.
  3. Involved in community events
  4. Participate in D.A.R.E. related projects
  5. Ambassador and advocate to D.A.R.E. America and their community
  6. Network w/YAB high school students from around the world
  7. Apply for D.A.R.E. National Award Scholarship $20,000
  8. Participate in annual D.A.R.E. International Training Conference

How to become a YAB Representative

Fill out the YAB Application.

Provide a recommendation/nomination letter from any of the following:

  1. D.A.R.E. officer
  2. School official (teacher, principle, etc)
  3. D.A.R.E. officer association
  4. State training administrator

Application will be submitted to D.A.R.E. America Youth Advocacy Board Coordinator, Jacqueline Ho at [email protected].

Pledge or Oath

Must pledge:

We will work independently, and as a united body, to help others resist the pressure to become involved in drugs, violence, and to lead safe and healthy lives. We will always remain true to our pledge to be positive role models through our personal commitment to a drug and violence free life.

We will be committed advocates within our states and communities as we interact with others to promote awareness of, participation in, and involvement with the D.A.R.E. Program. We will always remember that we represent millions of young people from across the country who also strives to remain drug and violence free, and we will always speak out to champion the values that D.A.R.E. America represents.

Term of appointment

Term begins freshman or sophomore year until their senior year: 2-4 years


Project subject are determined each year by D.A.R.E.’s CEO.     In general, YAB projects assist YAB members individually and D.A.R.E. America collectively to market and advocate D.A.R.E. education programs. For example, in 2016, YAB members were asked to review the new D.A.R.E. high school curriculum and, after receiving relevant training, create a promotional PSA video.


About the scholarship:

The D.A.R.E. America National Scholarship is for $20,000 and is awarded annually to a qualified graduating YAB senior high school student to attend the university or college of their choice. Notification of the Scholarship is usually sent out in January and deadline to apply is in March . . .

2023 D.A.R.E. Awards Recipients

2023 D.A.R.E. Awards Recipients

2023 D.A.R.E. America National ‘Louis Skip Miller’ Scholarship Awardee: Lily Ljiljanich, New York D.A.R.E. Youth Advocacy Board Member. Lily Ljiljanich joined the Youth Advocacy Board as a…