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Internet Safety Class Taught

SUPERIOR – Students from grades seven to twelve in the Superior School District have the opportunity to utilize a program unique in Mineral County but that privilege comes with some strict and necessary guidelines to protect their safety and keep them on task in...

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Internet safety, network access new for 2014-15

By St. Ignatius Schools Superintendent Robert “Bob” Lewandowski Technology offers vast, diverse, and unique resources to both students and staff members of St. Ignatius School District No. 28. The district’s goal in providing this service to staff and students is...

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Kim W. Hawkes

Kim W. Hawkes

Central Regional Director

Phone: (424) 227-0821
Email: Kim W. Hawkes

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State D.A.R.E. Contacts

State Training Coordinator
Central Regional Director Kim Hawkes
Cell: (424) 227-0821

State D.A.R.E. Program Administrator
Jeff Douglas
Phone: (406) 444-5620

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Copyright 2019 D.A.R.E. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2019 D.A.R.E. All Rights Reserved.