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D.A.R.E. Elementary School Curriculum

D.A.R.E.’s keepin’ it REAL Elementary School curriculum continues a more than thirty year commitment to providing cutting edge instruction that helps prevent drug use by developing basic, core skills needed for safe and responsible choices…skills that extend well beyond drugs to healthy and mature choices in life.

The curriculum, designed based on the Socio-Emotional Learning Theory (SEL), identifies fundamental, basic skills and developmental processes needed for healthy development including:

  • Self-awareness and management
  • Responsible decision making
  • Understanding others
  • Relationship and communication skills
  • Handling responsibilities and challenges

SEL theory teaches youth to control their impulses and think about risks and consequences resulting in more responsible choices. D.A.R.E. believes that if you can teach youth to make safe and responsible decisions, it will guide them to healthy choices, not only about drugs, but across all parts of their lives. As they grow to be responsible citizens, they will lead healthier and more productive drug-free lives.

The course’s ten lessons are arranged in a scaffolding process, starting with the basics about responsibility and decision making and then building on each other allowing students to develop their own responses to real life situations. The very first lesson starts with responsibility and introduces decision making with subsequent lessons applying these skills in increasing complex ways to drug use and other choices in their lives.

D.A.R.E. Middle School Curriculum

Based upon more than 20 years of research by the Drug Resistance Strategies Project about why our youth use drugs, D.A.R.E. America collaborated with Penn State University and Arizona State University to create keepin’ it REAL, a state-of-the-art, middle school substance abuse prevention program.

Grounded in cultural norms, the program teaches youth how to live drug-free lives confidently, drawing on the strengths of the students, their families, and communities.

Like the elementary school curriculum, the acronym “REAL” is the central message of the curriculum and teaches youth four ways to refuse drug offers — Refuse, Explain, Avoid, and Leave. These strategies help youth stay away from drugs by preparing them to act decisively and responsibly in difficult situations.

Evidence Based; Proven Efficacious

The curriculum is evidence-based and has been evaluated in a randomized controlled trial and found to be efficacious. The 10-lesson middle-school curriculum is highly interactive, involves multiple media materials that youth find engaging, and, like the elementary school curriculum, is based on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principles that fit well with current research and practice in teaching middle-school youth.

The rigorous, scientific evaluations of the D.A.R.E. keepin’ it REAL curriculum for students in grades six through nine, show students completing the course evidenced a:

  • 32% to 44% reduction in marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol use;
  • 29% to 34% decrease in intent to accept substances; and
  • Reduction and cessation of substance use.

myPlaybook High School

myPlaybook High School is a web-assisted prevention program designed to prepare high school students to make educated, responsible, and healthy choices in their lives to avoid alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

myPlaybook High School was developed in partnership with D.A.R.E. officers and trainers to meet the need to expand high school D.A.R.E. curriculum offerings in an environment where both officers and school administrators are under pressure to optimize time within the school day. By utilizing online learning to convey key prevention concepts, and D.A.R.E. officers to focus on relationship building, myPlaybook High School takes advantage of the strengths of each to deliver high quality, evidence based alcohol and other drug use prevention.

myPlaybook High School includes three components:
1. myPlaybook High School Core (online)
2. myPlaybook High School D.A.R.E. Officer Lessons
3. myPlaybook High School Student-Athlete Supplement – coming soon! (online, optional)

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D.A.R.E. REAL Messages

D.A.R.E.’s REAL Messages is a health and media literacy curriculum that reduces alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse. It promotes healthy and safe behavior by improving students’ abilities to analyze and critically evaluate the promotion of substance use in media such as social media, TV, print, and other forms.

REAL Messages is designed to promote positive officer/student relationships without serious demands on law enforcement personnel resources. The on-line module consists of five brief, highly interactive lessons delivered through state-of-the-art e-learning format. The officer delivers an introduction and concluding lesson while students complete the rest of the curriculum online. The program for 9th or 10th grade students can be delivered in a flexible format in one week or spread over 5 weeks.

D.A.R.E.’s REAL Messages is adapted from an evidence-based curriculum shown to change attitudes and intentions to use drugs. A self-paced curriculum, REAL Messages engages students to create their own anti-drug messages that they can share with friends and the community. REAL Messages is an immersive and fun way to teach students to analyze ads they see every day and develop critical thinking ability.

REAL Messages…

  • Is an engaging and fun way to teach students to
    analyze ads they see every day and develop critical
    thinking ability
  • Meets state standards for health education and other
    9th or 10th grade classes
  • Provides teachers feedback on student performance
    in the lessons

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D.A.R.E. Catalog

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D.A.R.E. Remote

D.A.R.E. Remote is a web-based version of the Elementary keepin’ it REAL student workbook. A Middle School edition will be released by end of September 2020.

Using the web-based D.A.R.E. Remote allows officers to log in to a dashboard, assign workbooks to students, and to view their participation, including all responses, in one place. It is a simple way to provide students with access to the D.A.R.E. Workbook materials electronically, with no need to distribute, handle, or manage physical workbooks. This may be especially useful in managing COVID precautions.

  • Visit www.dareremote.org
  • View an officer demo using “officer” as the username and “officer” as the password for login
  • Check out the “Help” tab to access videos that will walk you through common questions
  • Schedule a 20 minute webinar to help you get started by contacting [email protected]

NOTE: D.A.R.E. Remote was previously known as D.A.R.E. Mobile, so if you see references to that name, please be assured that you are accessing the right materials.

Copyright © 2022 D.A.R.E. America. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2022 D.A.R.E. America.
All Rights Reserved.