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Longtime D.A.R.E. Officer Retires from Custer Elementary

While the school year is still young 5th graders at Custer Elementary School had a special graduation ceremony, and helped take part in a retirement as well. 5th graders completed the D.A.R.E. program today and received their diplomas from their retiring school D.A.R.E. officer, Chief Ranger Nancy Martinz. Martinz is retiring after 20 years of service to the Custer Elementary students.
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Longtime D.A.R.E. Officer Retires from Custer Elementary

Spearfish 7th Graders Celebrate D.A.R.E. Graduation

Spearfish Middle School seventh-grade students celebrated D.A.R.E. graduation Tuesday. Pictured, students in Paula Farley’s class received certificates from Cpl. Verla Little as Assistant Principal Brady Sumners, far right, announced their names. Pioneer photo by...

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Spearfish 7th Graders Celebrate D.A.R.E. Graduation

State D.A.R.E. Contacts

State D.A.R.E. Coordinator
Waylon Eckert
South Dakota Law Enforcement Training Center
Phone: (605) 773-6741

State D.A.R.E. Officers Association President
Chief Deputy Brent W. Koens
Faulk County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (605) 598 6229

State D.A.R.E. Officers Association Vice President
Verla Little
Spearfish Police Department
Phone: (605) 642-1305

State D.A.R.E. Officers Association Treasurer
Senior Officer Rebecca Edwards
Box Elder Police Department
Phone: (605) 923-1401

State D.A.R.E. Officers Association Secretary
Kaitlin Holter
Pierre Police Department
Phone: (605) 773-7410

State D.A.R.E. Officers Association Western At-Large Representative
Chief Doug Moser
Whitewood Police Department
Phone: (605) 269-2550

State D.A.R.E. Officers Association Eastern At-Large Representative
Deputy Casey Tegethoff
Hanson County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (605) 239-4409

Makenna Christiansen, D.A.R.E. America Youth Advocacy Board Member from South Dakota


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