2021 D.A.R.E. Conference FAQ

How much is the conference registration?

The D.A.R.E. 2021 Conference registration is FREE!!!!

What time zone is the session schedule displayed in?

The sessions are displayed in the time zone stated in your personal profile selected during registration. You can change your default time zone by accessing your profile in the upper right menu. Sessions will then match your selected time zone.

Do I need to sign up for the conference workshops?

No, you do not.

Will I be certified for attendance at this conference?

Upon request, we will issue a certificate of course completion.

Will the presentation slides be available for download?

Presentation slides will be available for download immediately after presentation.

When will the on-demand sessions be available?

The sessions will be available to watch immediately after presentation.

Will conference workshops be translated?

Yes, all English workshops will have Spanish translation and Spanish/Portuguese workshops will have English translation.

How long will the on-demand sessions be available?

All sessions will be available on-demand on the platform until July 2022.

Will conferences be virtual from now on?

No, The 2022 D.A.R.E. Conference will be in person. Please visit our website here for more information: www.dare.org

I am not a D.A.R.E. Officer, can I still attend?

Yes you can; the conference is free for anyone to attend.

How would non-D.A.R.E. Officer view on demand video after the conference ends?

After the conference, you can find the on demand videos here: https://dare.org/2021-post-conference-videos/

I am having trouble hearing the audio or video.

Try these links to test your system: System Check and optimize your experience using Computer Tips. We also recommend you try to refresh your browser or clear you cache and then login again. Please be sure that you have audio enabled in the session window.

Access to the internet using high speed access (Cable, DSL, Network) is highly recommended for the overall environment and is required for all presentations. Pop-up blockers must also be disabled, and JavaScript should be enabled. For webcasts including video, you will need a minimum internet connection of 450Kbps — a connection of 750Kbps or higher is recommended.

How can I get help during the event days?

During active agenda hours, please use the chat window on the Help Desk page for technical issues as well as general event questions. A member of the event staff will be on the chat.

What is a System Check?

The system check is important because we recommend attendees disable their pop up blockers so they can see in-event announcements and also access all of the web casting sessions, which open in a new window as well.

We will have our frontline staff in the help desk helping attendees with these types of questions so they will be addressed if individuals experience issues.

I’m not particularly adept at technology.  Will it be difficult to participate?

It will be relatively simple and there will be a virtual “Help Desk” where you can get assistance.

For information about the D.A.R.E. Conference:

Visit the D.A.R.E. website at www.dare.org or email [email protected].

I am a D.A.R.E. Officer what is the D.A.R.E. Officer website link?